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Adult   swimming   is   aimed   at   adults   and   adolescents   from   the   age   of   13   years. The   courses   are   suitable   for   beginners   as   well   as   for   participants with   existing   swimming   experiences,   if   they   need   to   be   refreshed.   The   courses   are   also   suitable   after   physiotherapeutic   measures   to   further build   up   the   weakened   muscles   and   supplementation   to   restore   the   mobility   (in   these   cases,   however,   it   should   be   urgently   in   consultation   with the attending physician or physiotherapist!). The following swimming badges can be made: Early Swimmer badge (Adults), German Swimming Badge in Bronce, German Swimming Badge in Silver. Further information on the swimming pools and their availability can be found HERE . To   book   a   course   (we   recommend   that   you   reserve   a   place   in   advance),   simply   click   on   the   course   you   wish   to   book. You   will   then   arrive   at   our booking form. The bar below the course details gives you information about free places. Please   note   that   reserved   spaces   can   be   booked   even   if   the   scale   says   that   there   are   no   more   seats   available   (scale   on   red).   Detailed informations   for   registration   you   can   find   under   REGISTRATION .   Under   the   keyword   APPOINTMENT    you   can   find   the   special   opening   hours for registration at office. Information to the number of participants of a course you can find under COURSE SIZE .
Swimming Adult
Display of available space more than 3 available spaces 1-3 available spaces taken (if so, waiting list bookable) not bookable
Standard group (5 participants) Oberursel Helen-Keller-Schule
Unit: 30 Min.!

Standard group (7 participants)

Unit: 30 Min.!
Unit: 30 Min.! Schmitten Ringhotel Kurhaus Ochs Standard group (6 participants)


Mercure Hotel Bad Homburg-Friedrichsdorf
currently no courses on offer currently no courses on offer currently no courses on offer allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen besondere Geschäftsbedingungen für Online-Buchungen Verhaltensregeln The following dates (not holidays) are course free for all courses. The exception can be found in your reservation form or invoice. Change of course/additional course  The course overview shows the changes.  - There is no discount for all of the courses in this page. top course-free dates 2020 additional information Monday:  Tuesday:  Wednesday: Thursday:  Friday:   Saturday:  1 June, 28 Sept. 25 Feb., 29 Sept. 30 Sep. 21 May, 11 June, 1 Oct. 1 May, 22 May, 12 June,  2 Oct. 2 May, 23 May, 13 June, 3 Oct. In the past, there were a lot of delivery problems with the following accounts:,,  If you do not receive an answer to bookings made via these accounts within 3 days, please call us or try another account.