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General terms and conditions allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen besondere Geschäftsbedingungen für Online-Buchungen
General terms and conditions (Ger: AGB)                                             Stand: 12/2018 The   following   terms   and   conditions   apply,   as   far   as   the   participants   are   concerned,   not   to offers   that   are   carried   out   on   behalf   of   other   providers.   However,   with   regard   to   points   3 and 6, they also apply to the providers of these offers made in the order. 1. Program Responsible   for   the   program   is   Frauke   Horn,   a   state-approved   curative   educator,   hereafter referred to as the organizer. The   program   includes   psychomotor   sports   and   movement   groups   as   well   as   therapy groups,   sports   groups   for   the   disabled,   baby   and   toddler   swimming,   swimming   lessons and   support   courses. All   offers   are   usually   carried   out   in   the   form   of   a   course. The   duration of   a   course   is   based   on   the   dates   of   the   Hessian   school   holidays   and   the   availability   of   the used premises and can be found on the homepage The   organizer   is   responsible   for   the   program   contents.   The   course   is   conducted   by   a qualified instructor. 2. Price The    prices    quoted    for    the    respective    price    apply,    less    any    discounts    granted.    If    the minimum   number   of   participants   is   not   reached,   a   course   will   be   canceled.   Already   paid course   fees   will   be   refunded.   By   way   of   exception,   a   course   can   also   be   carried   out   if   the minimum   number   of   participants   is   not   reached,   if   all   remaining   participants   are   prepared to   pay   the   supplement   required   for   the   drop   in   the   number   of   participants   (see   section   on the homepage for course sizes). Price    changes    are    permissible    before    the    beginning    of    the    course    in    the    event    of unforeseen    increases    in    running    costs    (in    particular    if    rents    and    user    charges    are increased   by   the   respective   operator   of   the   premises.)   In   this   case,   the   student   has   the right of withdrawal. If   an   unforeseen   increase   in   costs   makes   the   course   uneconomic,   the   organizer   may cancel   or   cancel   the   course.   Already   paid   course   prices   will   be   reimbursed   pro   rata   at already running courses. 3. Registration and payment After   (recommended)   reservation   of   a   course   place   a   binding   booking   is   required.   A   claim to   a   course   place   arises   only   after   complete   payment   of   the   course   price   and   if   the minimum number of participants is reached. The   binding   booking   is   made   by   an   adult   legal   guardian   or   guardian   online,   at   the   usual office   opening   hours   or   at   the   office's   special   opening   hours.   The   special   opening   times can   be   found   on   the   homepage   under   dates.   The   binding   booking   ends   at   a   fixed   date   for each   course,   which   can   be   found   there.   If   this   appointment   is   missed,   the   reservation expires    and    the    course    place    can    be    given    away    without    further    notice.    For    online bookings   also   apply   the   special   terms   and   conditions   for   online   registrations,   which   are part   of   the   terms   and   conditions.   Course   bookings   via   email   or   telephone   are   generally   not possible. Course   prices   are   due   in   full   before   the   course   starts.   Payment   is   usually   made   together with   the   binding   booking   in   cash   or   girocard.   In   addition,   it   is   possible   to   pay   with   some credit   cards   in   the   office.   For   online   bookings,   the   regulations   of   the   special   terms   and conditions   for   online   registrations   apply.   For   carriers   of   social   institutions,   authorities,   aid organizations,   clubs   or   customers   with   proof   of   reimbursement   of   costs   by   one   of   these institutions, the individual agreements and terms of payment apply. Customers    of    carriers    with    whom    special    discount    agreements    have    been    concluded receive   discounts   on   individual   courses   in   accordance   with   the   conditions   listed   on   the homepage.
Booking   forms   are   invalid   without   payment.   As   a   payment   confirmation,   the   customer receives   a   receipt   with   the   course   data   and   the   payment   information.   The   online   invoices issued   for   online   bookings   are   governed   by   the   rules   set   out   in   the   special   terms   and conditions   for   online   bookings.   For   the   institutions   referred   to   in   the   third   sentence   of paragraph   3,   the   obligation   to   pay   exists   at   the   latest   on   the   date   stated   in   the   invoice.   If the   payment   date   is   missed,   the   legal   dunning   procedure   comes   into   force.   Reminders   and postage costs are charged. In   the   event   of   non-redemption   or   revocation   of   a   card   payment,   in   addition   to   the   course fee    and    any    dunning    and    postage    costs    already    incurred,    the    fees    charged    by    the companies   responsible   for   the   execution   of   the   payment   procedure   INTERCARD   (girocard payment)   and   Concardis   (credit   card   payment)   plus   the   fees   charged   by   the   participating banks fees due. 4. Failure, misplacement and failure of units In   principle,   no   compensation   is   granted   for   lost   hours   that   are   the   responsibility   of   the student.   A    pro-rata    refund    is    excluded.    This    also    applies    to    force    majeure    (weather conditions, disasters, strikes, etc.). For   cancellations   that   are   the   responsibility   of   the   organizer,   alternative   appointments   are offered,   which   are   after   the   scheduled   course   duration   or   an   actually   scheduled   free appointment   on   the   same   day   of   the   week   with   possibly   a   slight   time   deviation   of   up   to   60 minutes.   If   these   replacement   dates   are   ignored,   no   refund   will   be   made.   This   also   applies if   the   replacement   date   falls   in   the   school   holidays   or   a   bridging   day.   If   a   replacement appointment   must   be   transferred   to   another   day   of   the   week   and   /   or   another   time   with   a deviation    of    more    than    60    minutes,    an    individual    agreement    will    be    made.    If    the acceptance   of   such   a   replacement   date   is   not   possible,   a   pro   rata   refund   of   the   course price will be made. If,   within   the   framework   of   the   scheduled   course   dates,   the   (temporary)   transfer   of   a course   to   one   of   the   other   course   locations   is   required,   a   pro   rata   refund   of   the   course price is only possible if the course times differ significantly from 60 minutes. For   cancellations   that   are   the   responsibility   of   the   operator   of   the   premises   used,   the   same rules apply as in paragraph 2. 5. Behavioural rules in classrooms and swimming pools (including changing rooms) Access   to   the   course   rooms   and   swimming   pools   (except   changing   rooms   and   toilets)   is prohibited   without   the   agreement   of   the   course   instructor.   The   duty   of   supervision   of   the respective    accompanying    person    does    not    end    until    the    handing    over    of    the    course participant    to    the    course    instructor.    The    escorts    will    then    leave    the    course    rooms immediately,   unless   special   arrangements   have   been   made.   For   all   course   rooms   and swimming   pools,   the   terms   of   use   of   the   respective   operators   also   apply.   The   rules   of conduct   are   available   as   a   PDF   file   and   can   be   saved   on   your   own   computer. A   show   time will   be   set   up   5-10   minutes   before   the   end   of   each   session   in   the   water.   For   this   purpose, the baths may be entered barefoot or in bathing shoes by the escorts. In   the   case   of   violations   of   one   or   more   of   the   regulations,   the   exclusion   of   the   participant can   be   made   from   the   course.   In   doing   so,   any   liability   claim   against   the   organizer   expires. Both   also   apply   to   disturbances   caused   by   accompanying   persons.   If   excluded   from   the course, no refund of the course price. 6. Other notes: Organizer   /   accessibility:    Frauke   Horn,   state-approved   curative   educator,   Kreuzbergstr.   16, 61440 Oberursel, Tel. (06171) 2084032, Email: The   phone   times   can   be   found   on   the   homepage.   Deviating   agreements   to   one   or   more   of the v. Regulations must be in writing in order to be effective. Bank details: IBAN: DE78 5008 0000 0612 0696 00, BIC: DRESDEFFXXX 7. Severability clause Should   one   of   the   v.g.   Regulations   are   ineffective,   the   remaining   regulations   do   not   lose their validity.
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