Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
The following overview shows you the information of the bigness of our courses. The shown maximum attendance normally will not overruned. Exception occurs rarely. Mostly in this case, when the alternative date (e.g. due to technical disturbance or similar) are allowed. A course will only be conducted when the minimum attendance of each course kind arrives. If all of the participants are agree, the course, which is not reach the minimum attendance, can still be conducted with additional payment. The amount of the extra payment you can also find in the following overview. The definitive number of attendance you can find with the help of the course number ( the first code numbers). Example 1: Your couse has the number G1.03. The code number is G. You find the information under “G”. Example 2: Your course has the number E4.01. The code number is R. You find the information under “E” The extra payment is based on a unit with 30 minutes. For different durations, the additional payment will be adjusted according to the different minutes. Example: Your course deviates from 10 units with 40 minutes. The additional payment for your course would amount to 7,50 € per unit for a regular duration of 30 minutes (totally 75,00€) The additional payment per minute is 0,25 €. At 10 minutes deviation from the control unit, the additional payment per unit is 7.50€ plus 2.50€. The additional payment thus increases to 10.00 € per unit. For the entire price this would mean in this example an additional payment of 100.00 €
Course size A1-3 B1-3 Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 5 11,50 € 3 5,75 € - Course size/Number of attendance Additional payment for underruns of the minimum number of attendances  (Price per participant and unit) Code numbers Course place maximum number of attendances minimum number of attendances Participants 2 Participants 3 Participants 4 C1, C2, C3 Doubletherapy Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 2 1 parti. price singletherapy 2 - - D1, D2, D3 Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 4 Price doubletherapy 3 - - E1-3 F1-3 Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 5 5,50 € 3 - - G1-3 H1-3 Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 5 5,50 € 3 - - K1-3, L1-3, M1-3 Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 3 - 2 - - N1-3 O1-3 Helen-Keller-Schule Oberursel 4 7,25 € 3 - - P4 Q4 Mercure Hotel Friedrichsdorf 5 7,25 € 3 - - R4, RS4, S4, T4 Mercure Hotel Friedrichsdorf 5 14,50 € 3 4,85 € - P6, Q6, R6 Hotel Kurhaus Ochs Schmitten 5 7,25 € 3 - -
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