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Early swimmer badge Seahorse 1 . Jump from the poolside and swim for 25 m 2 . Pick up a subject with hands in shoulder-deep water Pirate 1 . 100 m technical correct breast stroke 2 . 5 m distance diving and pick up a subject at the end from minimum 1 m deep water         Variaty badge Seal Trixie 1 . 25 m breast stroke 2 . 25 m backstroke or front crawl 3 . 15 m dribble with ball in water 4 . header forward 5 . 7 m distance diving 6 . roll one time in water forward, backward or sideward German youth swimming badge - Bronze - (Free swimmer) 1 . jump from poolside and minimum 200 m swimming in maximum 15 Minuten 2 . dive one time from water surface into ca. 2 m deep water and pick up a subject 3 . jump or starting dive from 1 m heigh 4 . knowledge of swimming rules German youth swimming badge - Silver - (Fahrten swimmer) - partly of the acceptance test only external possible  - 1 . starting   dive   and   minimum   400   m   swimming   in   maximum   25   Minuten;                                                            n;                                                                                                                                    therefrom: 300 m in face-down position and 100 m in supine position 2 . dive two times from water surface into ca. 2 m deep water and pick up a subject 3 . 10 m distance diving 4 . jump from 3 m Heigh 5 . knowledge of swimming rules and self-rescue German youth swimming badge - Gold - (Youth swimmer) - partly of the acceptance test only external possible - 1 . 600 m swimming in maximum 25 Minuten 2 . 50 m breast stroke in maximum 70 seconds 3 . 25 m front crawl 4 . 50 m back stroke with frog legs move without arm activity or 50 m back stroke 5 . 15 m distance diving 6 . deep   diving   from   water   surface   and   pick   up   3   little   rings   from   ca.   2   metres   deep   within   3   minutes   and maximum 3 attempts 7 . jump from 3 m heigh 8 . 50 m transportation swimming: pushing or dragging 9 . proof of following knowledges: 1 0 . - Swimming rules 1 1 . - Aid for swimming, boot and ice accidents (self-rescue and basic alien-rescue)
Requirements of swimming badge
SWIMMING RULES  •	Be conversant with the unexpected situation for the self-rescue in water (cramp, swirl, currents and so on)! •	Never swim with full or totally empty stomach! •	Cool you down before you go into water and come right out when you freeze! •	For not-swimmer only go into water till breast! •	Jump only when the water beneath you is deep enough and free! •	Unknown shores are dangerous! •	Avoid swampy and plant mixed water! •	Shipping lanes, groynes, water gates, bridging pillars and dams are not swimming areas! •	Swimming in storm is perilous! •	Overestimate in free water not power and ability! •	Air mattress, auto hose and rubber toys are dangerous toys in water! •	Swimming at the ocean coast is specially dangerious: Ask the local information before you go into water! •	Be considerate of other swimmers, especially children! •	Don’t contaminate the water and behave hygienic! •	Take the swimsuit off after swimming and dry yourself! •	Avoid too intensive sunbath! •	Don’t shout for help if you are not really in danger; but help others if they need help!
other badges: In   addition   there   are   more   swimming   badges   inside and   outside   of   DSV.   Beneath   this   are   e.g.   the   German Swimming    Badges    in    Bronze,    Silver    or    Gold.    The requirements    are    similar    with    the    Youth    Swimming Badges.   The   Bronze   and   Silver   badges   can   be   made by us. All others must be made somewhere else.
In   all   of   our   swimming   courses   and   therapy   groups   can   acquire   the   common   swimming   badges   of   German   Swimming   Union,   Deutsch   Schwimmverband   (DSV).   It’s not possible to make an acceptance test in every pool. For a better overview, we make a summary for the requirements for swimming badges.