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Withdrawl a course booking

Notes for cancellation

Filling instructions for the withdrawal form:  1. General information Please complete all (required) fields completely. Please make sure that all information is correct (especially in case of a faulty e-mail, it is not possible to answer your withdrawal!).  2. Required fields The fields marked with * are mandatory and must always be completed. Without this information, no processing is possible.  3. Select a course Please select the type of course booked by you using the drop-down menu in the cancellation form. The booked course can be found on your invoice.  4. Send cancellation To conclude, please press the button "Cancel booking" and your cancellation will be sent. You will usually receive an answer within a week. Please remember to first enter the displayed spam code in the Spam Check box. This is to control that the input was personal and not automated.  If you receive an answer within this period, please contact us immediately by phone. Please note that processing during our closing times (during school holidays) may take a little longer.
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