Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
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28.11.2018 Our homepage is also available in mobile phones With   our   adjustment,   now   you   can   surf   our   website   with   your   mobile   phones   or   tablets. The   contents   can   be   seen also   without   the   program   Flash-Player   which   is   restricted   in   some   browers.   And   also   the   course   can   be   booked with   the   mobile   phones.   However,   you   might   have   to   adjust   the   viewport   in   some   devices   (particularly   elder Apple devices) to show the whole page. 01.06.2020 Informations Covid 19 Informations to our expected restart of our courses are only available in German. Please click  here to change to the German version.
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