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Due   to   the   provisions   of   the   General   Data   Protection   Regulation   (DSGVO),   we   are   obliged   to   inform   you   about   the   processing   and   storage   of   your   personal   data. The   link   below   to   our   data   protection   guidelines   to   the   GDPR,   you   get   to   a   PDF   file   that   gives   you   information   about   the   nature   and   extent   of   processing   and storage of your data. You can also save this PDF file on your computer. Short note about the collection and processing of your data: With   the   reservation   of   a   course   place   you   agree   to   the   collection   of   personal   data   -   at   first   to   a   limited   extent.   These   are   limited   to   your   child's   last   name,   first name, birth date and phone number and (if different from your child's last name) your surname. If   a   course   booking   is   not   concluded,   this   data   will   be   deleted   immediately   and   completely.   If   a   booking   is   made,   the   following   data   will   be   stored   in   the   scope required for the contractual relationship and the resulting legal obligations (for details, see PDF file): Details of your child: Surname Forename(s) Date of birth Your details: Surname Forename(s) Telephone (Fixed line and/or mobile) E-Mail (only in online booking, otherwise if you wish) Address City You will be informed about the privacy policy in the following ways: When   booking   a   course   in   our   office,   you   can   view   the   privacy   policy   on   site.   On   your   receipt   (invoice)   you   will   also   receive   a   reference   to   the   possible   inspection or   the   possible   download   from   this   page.   When   booking   online,   you   have   the   opportunity   to   read   the   privacy   policy   on   this   page.   In   addition,   you   will   receive   the privacy policy as a PDF attachment when you get your invoice.
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