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We   are   already   the   partner   of   the   Family   card   Hesse   for   years.   It’s   a   projekt   of the Hessian Land Government. The   holder   of   the   Family   card   Hessen   maintains   exklusive   benefits   in   terms   of different special benefits and discounts in different partners. Our   customers   maintain   a   10%   discount   for   the   regular   price   of   the   adjoining course with following conditions: Registration in time (see Date) Presentation of the valid Family card Hesse when register in office (only   the   card   number   is   not   enough;   the   EAN-Code   of   the   card   will   be needed) complete payment of the course price by registration with complete information on the card by Online Booking it’s not combinable with other reductions Please   note   the   additional   tips   in   the   blue   block,   not   every   case   can   be granted of discounts. Further   information   to   the   partner   programm   and   the   receipt   of   the   Family   card Hesse you will find below
Partner program Family card Hesse
The Family card discount is for the following courses:  •	Swimming babys * •	Swimming toddlers •	Water adaption •	Psychomotricity I-IV •	Swimming beginners •	Seahorse groups •	Pirate groups •	Bronze-Training •	Silver-Training  * A combination with the coupon from the “Frühen Hilfen Oberursel” is impossible! important notes for the grant of the discount  It is a 10% discount grant. In special actions it can be partially higher. For swimming therapy (single/double therapy and group) and swimming adult are generally not granted.  A price deduction can only be granted for the children or grandchildren under 18 years-old of the Family card holders. The demands for other children is not allowed.  An application of a cost absorption (e.g. through health insurance, youth welfare offices and the like) is applied, a discount is not possible.  For the course, which with a grant of discount, will not be issued a certificate of attendance! Swimming badges (e.g. Seahorse identification and so on) do not count.