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Welcome to the Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn.

We   would   like   to   inform   you   about   our   offers   on   this   page.   On   the   left   navigation   bar   you   see   the   overview of   our   supplies.   Our   swimming   offers   currently   take   place   in   Oberursel,   Friedrichsdorf   and   Schmitten,   the other   offers   with   key   aspect   are   in   Oberursel.   You   can   find   the   up-to-date   courses   under   the   respective rubric. Please   note,   some   supplies   are   cooperated   with   other   associations   and   social   organisations.   It   may   be   only booked through the respective association or organisation. You   can   find   the   current   information   of   important   issues,   time   shifting   and   so   on   under   up-to-date.   For   the course cancellation you need to click on the button of “INFO Cancellation/Shift” on the top left. Generally   there   are   no   courses   during   the   hessian   school   holidays.   Exceptions   can   be   planed   in   any course.   You   can   find   the   school   holidays   under   the   button   “School   Holidays”,   which   is   connected   to   the homepage   of   the   Hessian   Culture   Ministry.   The   accuracy   and   the   integrity   of   the   statement   is   exclusively the responsibility of the Hessian Culture Ministry. Furthermore   please   note   that   there   are   also   no   courses   in   the   floating   holidays   (Oberursel,   Friedrichsdorf and   Schmitten   authoritatively   belong   to   Hochtaunuskreis),   as   long   as   it’s   a   uniform   floating   holiday   in   the Hochtaunuskreis.   Otherwise   you   might   expect   having   course   in   the   floating   holiday   or   having   a   break   in   the school time.
Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
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school holidays school holidays The following points on the left of navigation bar are still not available:  •	psychomotor groups •	Seminar & Workshops  Furthermore there are some points in the submenu on the left and on the top of navigation bar are not available.  The unavailable functions will be in the next weeks little by little integrated.
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current change of the opening hours In case of covid 19 we had to close our office.  If you want to contact us, just send an e-mail. We try to answer as soon as possible. Please note, currently there are’nt any courses. We will inform you, when a restart of our courses is possible.  For further information click HERE. INFO Cancellation/Shift Website auf Deutsch For the following courses about cancellation/shift is available:  For further information please click the Button INFO Cancellation/Shift Oberursel: all courses Friedrichsdorf: all courses Schmitten: all courses