Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
Language new discover - Speak remedial promotion for kids
The course focuses on the children who have gap in the vocabularies or weakness with using the vocabularies. In the course, the children should learn expanding their vocabularies and use them properly. At the same time a particular attention of correct using and clear pronunciation will be made. The children will learn through listening games, rhymes, picture material and auditive listen and perception training. The course offers a foundation, which promote the reading and writing process for the primary school. But it’s not replaced the Speech therapy or other therapies. It supports them however. It begins with small group with maximum 3-4 children. It can start anytime depends on place vancancy. The price is 200,00 €/10 times. If necessary a material cost may occur. And 2 units are planed for the parents talk. For place vacancy and exact appointments please call us for information under the telephone nummer: 06171/2084032. Online-Booking for remedial courses is not possible!
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