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Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
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important: please insert the umlaut (ä, ö and ü) and the letter ß only in spelling: ae, oe, ue and ss. Important booking information Filling instructions for the booking form:  1. General information Please complete all (required) fields completely. Please make sure that all information is correct (esp. In case of a faulty e-mail, answering your booking is not possible!).  2. Required fields The fields marked with * are mandatory and must always be completed. Without this information no booking is possible.  3. Special instructions for the participant Please provide restrictions, disabilities or other special features of your child, if appropriate. The information is not intended to exclude a course, but rather to specifically address restrictions. With the exception of infectious diseases, there is rarely a reason to exclude a child from participation. In some cases, however, an agreement with the attending physician is required.  4. Family card Hessen Holders of the Family Card Hesse must - if a discount is granted - register before clicking the button binding registration to complete the fields provided for the family card Hessen. These are located below the button binding registration. For incomplete information no discount can be granted. Please note that the family card discount can only be granted if you have the family card. For correct booking, the number of the EAN code on the back of the family card (barcode) is mandatory. This is awarded only when printing the family card.  5. Cancellation: Within the statutory period of 14 days from the date of booking the online bookings can be revoked in writing or by e-mail. It is sufficient to send the document in due time (in case of doubt, the postmark counts) or our cancellation form. A telephone cancellation is not possible.  6. Acceptance of the terms and conditions: By booking you agree to our terms and conditions and the special terms and conditions for online registrations. You confirm this by clicking on the booking form the "I accept the terms and conditions of heilpäd. Praxis & Swimschule Horn". Without the acceptance of the terms and conditions, no effective booking is concluded. You can download our terms and conditions as a PDF file (see buttons on the left), read here or look at the opening hours of our office.  7. binding registration: The course will be binding booked by clicking the button binding registration. The booking can only be cancelled after this time within the statutory period (see no. 5). Information for "newcomers" If you want to book a course that has already started, online bookings are only possible if the full course price is paid. Due to technical reasons, a proportionate calculation of the units is only possible when registering at our office.
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