Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
Remedial courses and homework support
Our remidial courses address mainly to the preschool and primary school children, the children with motor problems in school or everyday, difficulties with their perception and concerntration or also with linguistc problems. In the special developed courses should be worked with the problems in small groups with 4 to 6 children and solve the weakness problem with individual deployable training program. New in program is our homework support. Up to 3 days a week we can offer the support to the children till 6 grade for the homework completion. Our support is not private teaching, but as assistance for the daily homework completion. The homework should be done in time and we are there to help them for this. Our remedial courses and homework support take place in our curative practice, if there is no other places mentioned. Please note that, with the Family card there is no discount for the remedial course or homework support.
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