Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
Concerntration & Perception - Suggestion for twitchy children
This course point at the children, who have problems with concerntration and deferred perception due to permanent stress and nervousness problems. In this course should give the sensory perception impulse and stimulations and the childlike concerntration phase should be recovered. Through e.g. phantasy trips, massage elements and so on should the relaxation moments be produced. Meanwhile the children will be spoken in the various possibilities of stress and relaxation and be encouraged. It begins with small group with maximum 3-4 children. It can start anytime depends on place vancancy. The price is 200,00 €/10 times. If necessary a material cost may occur. And 1 unit is planed for the parents talk(ending talk). For place vacancy and exact appointments please call us for information under the telephone nummer: 06171/2084032. Online-Booking for remedial courses is not possible!
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