Schwimmschule & heilpädagogische Praxis Frauke Horn
Deft Finger, skilful Hands - graphomotor exercise
This course pointed at the children who have exercise noticeable problems and distortion of perceptions. Also mostly have problems with fine motor skills. It is constructed with 2 parts of different age ranges. Part 1 (Age range 5-6 years) It should be made with playful styles, several exercises for skilful hands and enrich the basis for graphomotor with graphomotor play ideas. The contens are relevant concerted for the age range. Part 2 (Age range 7-9 years) It is based on part 1, but also suitable for new comers. This course covers lots of different exercises for fine motor. The focal point is the graphomotor exercises. The precision requires in handwriting design and stroke planning. The handwriting is the finest coordination style of human being, therefore there must be comprehensive exercises and varied encouragements. It begins with small group with maximum 4-5 children. It can start anytime depends on place vancancy. The price is 200,00 €/10 times. If necessary a material cost may occur. And 2 units are planed for the parents talk. For place vacancy and exact appointments please call us for information under the telephone nummer: 06171/2084032. Online-Booking for remedial courses is not possible!
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