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The right choice of a course is not the last thing, but it also depends on an age-based classification and a correct rating of the proficiency level of your child. The coming questions and tips can help you easier to choose the correct course for your child. You answer the questions for yourself( not for us!). Therefore take it conscientiously and realistically. Don’t overvalue your child’s efficiency. The beginners are (still) not high performance sportpersons! Nothing is the most frustrated than in a course with experienced children who can do more than your child. That can retrieve his condition by technical learning for a higher efficiency. In case of doubt, you should contact with us before you make a binding registration. If your child has health limitation or physical disturbance, a preliminary talk is necessary. We don’t separate the children, but try to find out a solution, which is suitable for your child. In the least cases, it’s impossible to participate a course. For some children a health clarification from the attending doctor (e.g. after an operation, heart disease or similar)
age-appropriate classification Age of child: 3 Years 4-8 Years 9 - 13 Years 14 Years and older
water habituation Please continue the following questions Please make a consultation with us Swimming Adult
Questions to the classification The following questions should help collating a swimming course. You can answer with “yes” or “no”. With click you will reach the next question or a suggestion of a course or more course types. In some cases you will get a tip to make a consultation with us. Probably your child locates between one or two course types. Then you should definitely make a consultation with us.
Question 1: Has your child ever taken a beginner course? it doesn’t mean baby, toddler swimming, or water adaption
yes no
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